Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kim Kardashian Gives Birth Early Today To Baby Girl!! How Retin-A Can Help Post-Baby Body

Many blessings all around.

Congratulations to Kim Kardashian + Kanye West on the birth of their baby girl!

Sources say the reality star is resting comfortably after having her precious little one at 1:30 AM at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center this morning ... 5 weeks early, according to

There are  a lot rumors going around that it was a planned C-section, and yet, as we read from TMZ, a "natural birth.".

We're not sure how Kim K delivered her baby girl, we're just happy that both K-Mama + little one are doing well.

By the recent pics we had been seeing, it looked like the star was ready to pop out her baby ASAP!!

Kim Kardashian tried hard to be a glam pregnant gal, and we think she pulled it off pretty effortlessly. She took heaps of criticism for how she was dressing.

For Kim it's all about the pretty, and she tries for perfection every time. We hope she takes the time to enjoy her beautiful baby and not worry too much about the post-baby body.

For most women who have given birth, it's the stretch marks that REALLY get on their nerves.

 Research shows that  if you attack stretch marks early, then you can diminish their presence.

As long as you aren't nursing at the time, rubbing on Retin-A cream(tretinoin) can help FADE these bothersome lines:

"One study, conducted by Dr. Sewon Kang of the Department of Dermatology in the University of Michigan Medical Center, found that used daily for six months, tretinoin cream reduced the severity, length and width of 80 percent of the 10 women who used the cream, compared to one of 12 women who used an alternative cream." Read more at livestrong.