Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sexy Amber Rose Trades In Signature Buzz-cut For Super Long Extensions

Say what you will, but we think Amber Rose is beautiful.

There's the sexy new mama showing off a long mane with lavender highlights.

We all know the Cape Verdian beauty by her signature blonde buzz-cut, but as we can see here, Amber decided to switch things up by trying on some super long extensions.

Top that off with lots of gorgeous lashes, brows and bold pink lips, and we think it all works together for the 29-year-old model.'s loud, but Amber Rose wears it well.

Amber is addicted to these lipsticks:

" I also love M.A.C Lip Glass in `Pink Lemonade', but my favorite lipstick is from Mona Lisa [shade `Hot Pink #14']. It's only $1.99!".
We found a tube of Pink Lemonade at Amazon for $25.

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Anonymous said...

She's pretty but I can't past Wiz. He looks dirty and druggie. She could do better and I'm not talking about Kanye either...LOL