Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gisele Bundchen Practices What She Preaches: Yoga Does A Body Good!


There's model Gisele Bundchen practicing a little yoga alongside her precious little Vivian!

We've got to admit----it's a cute, if staged photo. She shared the pic on her Instagram page today.

Even so, we all know how Gisele, at age 32, keeps moving. She's athletic + toned, and has ALWAYS praised the practice of yoga.
Yeah...we all hate to admit it----Gisele looks in supermodel shape just 7 months after giving birth to baby Vivian.

Yoga does a body good, as most people would tell you.

Yoga keeps you slim + toned.

Check out our BeautyTipToday archive on the yoga shoulder stand and how it can keep you looking slim + trim forever!

Look at the Sarvangasana pose. It's a great beauty tip!

We bet Gisele knows how to practice this weight-normalizing pose!

And it REALLY works!

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