Thursday, June 27, 2013

Heavy Foundation? No Way For Mad Men's Sexy Christina Hendricks

We all know that Mad Men's Christina Hendricks is one sexy lady.

But did you ever notice her pretty, healthy complexion?

Seriously, girlfriend has a smooth, even skin tone.

So, what's Christina's makeup secret?

Well, it isn't full-coverage foundation.

That's TOO heavy for those HOT summer days.

Christina prefers a much lighter touch:

Smashbox Color Correcting Primer, hers in Color Adjust Green ($38, at Sephora).

"I'm very fair, with pink undertones," Christina says.

"And this evens me out enough that I don't even wear foundation in the Film!" She's talking about How to Catch a Monster.

The green in Smashbox'  Color Correcting Primer does an amazing job of hiding the redness.
And from the up close + personal photo of Christina, we think it works beautifully.