Saturday, June 1, 2013

Will You Make It Perfectly Plum For Summer? Kissable Lips Go Deep....

Kim Kardashian was one of the first celebrities to try the plum lip trend on for summer. The pregnant reality star showed off her merlot shade during the famous Met Gala last month. Of course, most folks didn't even notice the dark pout, because her almost hideous Givenchy gown unfortunately sucked up all the oxygen in the room.

Still, the deep merlot lips were on parade, and Kim K. isn't the only famous face jumping on the glam trend.

You're either going to LOVE this look or despise it.

We're on the fence about deep lip color, especially in the very hot summer. For some strange reason, deep lipstick shades like wine, merlot--anything in the plum family, appear to be a bit heavy for summer, in our most humble opinion. And yet, we are starting to see the perfectly plum pout on a lot of red carpets in 80-plus temperatures.

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Kerry Washington has also been snapped wearing a plum-licious deep shade on those warm evenings.

And Charlize Theron has also put on the dramatic plum-family lip color.

Let's put it this way.....You can't stop looking at a woman with a perfectly plum pout.

Will you try some on this summer?

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lee-laa222 said...

I agree this shade is too HEAVY for hot summer days!