Friday, June 14, 2013

Beauty Beyond 50 Isn't So Easy: Model Iman Is Leading The Pack

We wrote about actress Sandra Bullock yesterday, looking incredible in her 40s, 48 to be exact.

Now, let's take on the 50s. A woman's body is going through so much more, namely menopause. And that stage of life affects a lot of things resulting in:
weight gain
flabby tummy, hips
skin dryness
more wrinkles
thinner hair, etc.

But there are ways to keep it together. And model Iman is proof that age is just a number. In her case, 57 to be exact. Yup, this chick looks pretty darn good!! There she poses at the amfAR Cinema Against Aids gala ball at the famous Plaza Hotel in New York City last evening.

Now, many would probably argue that this iconic model has most likely achieved her ageless beauty through cosmetic surgery and or cosmetic dermatology.

Maybe. That could very well be true. But we don't find Iman artificial-looking.  She reportedly leads a clean, healthy life and it certainly shows.

Of coursethe long, elegant neck+ stunning bone structure helps Iman defy gravityAnd she's  always shown off such elegant, perfect posture with a toned, fit physique.

Okay, we're a big Iman fan. And every time we see her, she looks beautiful. Yes, a lot of it is styling with polished makeup + hair. Still, she's an excellent example of beauty beyond 50.
Maybe it's her makeup---ImanCosmetics.

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