Saturday, June 22, 2013

Designer L'Wren Scott's Beauty Tip For Super Smooth Skin All Over The Body

L'Wren Scott is one busy businesswoman! And we can see why. Lots of celebrities wear her incredible designs:

Penelope Cruz. Nicole Kidman. Madonna. Sarah Jessica Parker. Oprah. And the A-list goes on + on.

Plus, the super tall, dark-haired beauty shares a lot of time with partner Mick Jagger, the legend himself, so L'Wren keeps to a sharp schedule.

L'Wren enjoys a good, lengthy soak in the bath in the late evening as she recently revealed to Harper's Bazaar magazine.

And she uses an inexpensive, cult fave to keep her whole body hydrated:

"I unwind with a long bath, some reading, and a big piece of chocolate cake.

"For the bath, I use Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil. It's great—you put it in your bath, as much as you want, and you get out, put on your dressing robe, and you let it soak in. Your whole body feels incredible."

That's a wonderful beauty tip! And so cheap---Avon Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil ($16, 24 fl. oz.).

"Contains Jojoba Oil. Experience crisp botanicals and fresh herbals. TO USE: Fill tub, pour in desired amount, immerse yourself until shoulders are covered. For added moisture, apply directly to wet skin. 24 fl. oz. "

We will have to take another look at Avon's Skin So Soft. Sounds like a good way to keep the body soft + moisturized.

Meantime, check out L'Wren Scott's website!

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She is sooooo friggin' TALL!OMG!