Monday, June 10, 2013

Perricone Is Pricey But Photo Plasma Is All You Need This Summer!

Perricone Cosmeceuticals are NOT cheap, but the ingredients are formulated with advanced beauty science.

So here's another great Perricone skin care product that has been newly launched:

Perricone Photo Plasma ($69, at

We find this new skin care product to be quite interesting. First, it has an excellent SPF 30. So it's a luxurious facial sunscreen.

Next, Photo Plasma is full of  Vitamin C Ester and Alpha Lipoic Acid. These agents brighten the skin and iron away surface imperfections.

There's nothing greasy or heavy with this effective moisturizing cream.

We know.....$69 is expensive, but we think the Perricone brand is a smart one that shows results.

It's hard trying to hunt down a decent facial sunscreen. Photo Plasma is like the Cadillac of the bunch.

Would you spend $69 for a super facial sunscreen?


Anonymous said...

Yes---I would consider the splurge. Turned 35 last week and think I need some help in the fine lines dept.

Paulina278 said...

Well worth the steep price. I wear it. Good stuff!