Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Bigger, Better, More Beautiful Butt In 2014 Via Injections?

Big, round butts aren't going away anytime soon.

If you're lucky to already naturally have this attention-getting asset, then good for you, because bigger, better butts appear to be another HOT cosmetic surgery trend that continues in popularity for 2014.

Has television's reality star, Kim Kardashian, influenced pop culture here?

She claims her ample behind is the result of great DNA, and we will take her at her word. Here's a photo snapped yesterday of the celeb in tan, suede skinnies:

And some are whispering that youngest K-sister, Khloe, has also been getting butt injections to have a curvier silhouette like famous Kim.

Check out Khloe leaving an L.A. nightclub last evening!
Khloe will be quick to say she's just been working out very hard and has shed a number of pounds.

Well, whatever these K-sisters are doing, they both are able to melt away fat and still maintain a rounder, fuller, bigger butt than most of us on the planet.

So, what are butt injections all about?

We headed to RealSelf.com for an honest break-down of facts.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon William Bruno, MD, explains how to get a bigger behind:

"Buttock injections using your body's own fat, also known as a Brazilian buttock lift, is a great way to add volume to your buttock. This varies in cost depending on your size and the number of areas treated with liposuction. Most experienced surgeons will charge somewhere in the area of $8,000-$11,000 for this procedure as the outcome has a lot to do with your surgeons' aesthetic judgment. Try not to make your decision based on cost."
Palo Alto plastic surgeon George Commons, MD, also reveals his opinion on butt injections:

"Liposuction harvest and then fat transfer to the buttocks works very nicely and you might consider this. It sounds like you have some donor areas.  Also liposuction of the flank zone results in a nicer appearing buttocks indirectly that at times is amazing.   Flank Liposuction with the Vaser may even result in a tiny buttocks lift effect.  Do not let anyone do injection of anything but your fat into your buttocks. I have seen disasters where foreign substance has been injected into the buttocks....silicone etc. etc. Do not do that. Fat is usually a nice answer. Go to an ABPS surgeon and get an answer."

Good advice!


autumn20 said...

Oh LORDY! I would rather get the dimple surgery you talked about yesterrday. This looks un-real! Really. Not a good thing IMO.

Anonymous said...

There butts both look dumpy--hows that attractive???
What am I missing?

geena said...

Excellent post for the dopes that want butt injections...ROFL.
If it ain't natural ladies, be happy with what God gave you.
These behinds look ridiculous.

J Ch said...

Nah, men have been worshiping round, properly cantilevered butts since the beginning of time all over the world. It's just that most American men are obsessed with breasts and not butts. The Kardashians have only brought butts to the mainstream media which is gradually acclimating American men to the majority tastes of the rest of the world. As (ironically) the group Queen so eloquently and correctly observed so many years ago: "Fat Bottom Girls You Make The Rockin' World Go Round!"