Friday, February 7, 2014

Estee Lauder Taps 45-Year-Old Stunning Stephanie Seymour As New Face Of Company

"I am honored to be part of the Estee Lauder family," Stephanie said in a press release. "As a young girl my mother had a dream for me and that was to be an Estee Lauder model! So this is truly a dream fulfilled."

Like we've been saying for a long time now.....the supermodels from the 90s are STILL stunning and STILL working!

Ladies like Stephanie, Naomi, Christy, Cindy, Claudia and others....have maintained their healthy beauty and skinny-curvy bodies. These models were NEVER emaciated-looking.

We believe these girls served as better role models than the current crop we see trying to get famous.

Happy to see a mature model once again, gracing the fashion pages and selling products for a major beauty company. It helps break down the stigma of women growing older.

Can't wait to see Stephanie's advertisements for Estee Lauder.

Meantime, the iconic beauty brand has debuted a new mascara made with amazing, 'ultra-light lash-thickening fibers.' Lashes look fat + curled.Get it here.

Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara ($24).


Anonymous said...

Big fan of Stephanie Seymour. The only faux pas she made is getting those too, fake, too big boobs. Ridiculous! Hope she didn't get them done for that lame husband of hers.

Jon said...

LOve her, was always my fave.

Anonymous said...

This girls HOT! Why is she with that old fart? MONEY! But she has her own money. She does'nt need him.