Thursday, February 27, 2014

Christie Brinkley and Duchess Catherine Wear Panty Hose: Lady-Like Or Old-Lady-Like?

The legendary model herself, Christie Brinkley, has been making the red carpet rounds these days to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

To us, Christie turning 60, is even BIGGER news than a magazine anniversary. She looks super-human.
What we have been noticing during her recent social appearances are her lovely legs--ALWAYS covered in pantyhose.
Aha! Maybe not so uber-perfect?

Or is Christie Brinkley just uber-smart to hide a few blemishes at a more mature age?

Christie admits that she even uses pantyhose to get "a sense of security." And the ageless model is also wearing pantyhose UNDER her bathing suit for a recent photo shoot.
So---is Christie Brinkley just being lady-like? Or old-lady-like?

 And then we have royal etiquette, because when she is out in the public, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge ALWAYS puts on pantyhose.

We have a lot of girlfriends who SCOFF at the mere thought of wearing pantyhose.

Constricting. Uncomfortable. Yuck! Those are some of the comments we've heard.

And yet, pantyhose DOES deliver smoothness, even tone and yes---sheer elegance.

There is also spray-on pantyhose---in the name of Sally Hanson Airbrush Legs ($13.99, at Walgreens). Kim Kardashian swears by Airbush Legs to cover her imperfections: "I’m using Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs spray and it is my lifesaver at the moment," Kim writes on her website. "I love this stuff! It really covers up my psoriasis so well!"

So, What do you think, dear reader?


Anonymous said...

Haven't worn hose for 20 years...LOL. Stockings are so passe.

They both look great but I don;t like that look on my legs. Bare skin=better.

ms.lee said...

I'm 53 and I LUV the pantyhose on Christy. She looks amazing. Whats wrong with stockings?

Anonymous said...

OLD LADY!ROFL! Maybe time to put it aaway Christie!

Maverick34 said...

C'mon, pantyhose usually look great on women - of any age. More women these days would do well to remember, they make legs look good, sexy, and can make a very classy look, with the right attire. Pantyhose make a woman's legs sexier, period.

A leg man said...

I just really don't think a lot of women get it
They make your legs look a hundred times better
Period. Ultra sheer only that is !

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