Sunday, February 23, 2014

Celeb Makeup Artist Troy Surratt: His Best Mascara Beauty Tips For Thick , Perfect Lashes!

Celebrity makeup artist Troy Surratt must be very good at what he does. Just ask gorgeous Charlize Theron, Adriana Lima + Kristin Davis about him. Those are the kinds of famous faces he works on.

That's why when the makeup pros dish about their own beauty tips, we become all ears. And today, the subject is mascara, and how to get those thick, perfect lashes!

Troy Surratt recently spoke to beauty magazine Allure and gave out his best mascara beauty tips:

Begin with CLEAN Lashes.
NEVER sleep in old makeup. Remove it pronto!

"Residual oils at the roots can cause makeup breakup," Troy says. "You'll wind up with soot around your eyes."

His choice--Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes ($4.99, at Target). Good, because these wipes, "don't irritate delicate eye skin."
Curl Lashes to give them a Lift.
A curling wand is key, because it goes above the natural slope of the eye to open the lashes up.

Troy says this: "Just by using an eyelash curler to change that angle(slope) lashes can automatically look 2-3 times longer. Curling them also minimizes the shadows they cast over the eyes, so the eyes look larger and brighter,"

Three or More Coats is Just Over-Kill.
Pros like Troy advise putting on 2 coats of mascara to  frame the eyes beautifully, but applying 3 or more coats is TOO much.

Well, if a pro makeup artist is applying it, then he or she can go for 3 or more coats, but things can get gloppy when you're alone trying to layer it all perfectly.

Thanks, Troy Surratt!

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Hannah said...

I never curl my lashes because it's hard to do it right, but after reading this I know that I shoud before putting mascara on.