Friday, February 14, 2014

Yum-Yum! Cake Beauty Delectable Hair & Body Mist From Kohl's

We've all been there.....You're at a party. There's a lot of smoke in the air, or maybe you can smell the odor of fried foods all over you. Still, maybe you just put in a full work-out at the gym. And a bad odor is following you. Yuck...Get us out of there!

It would be smart to have a bottle of this around, where you could discreetly spritz on a little sweet mist!

We found these at your neighborhood Kohl's. That's right--Kohl's. And these weren't in the Jennifer Lopez department.

We love hair scenters. Okay, maybe that isn't a word. But we LOVE a quick spritz for the hair to keep it soft + smelling fresh!

This set is by Cake Beauty. It's called Delectable Hair & Body Mist ($14, a set of 4, at Kohl's). In the set, you get 4 yummy scents---Strawberry + Cream. Lemon + Cream. Vanilla + Cream. Coconut + Cream.

These hair + body mists are fun to spritz on. They're formulated with aloe vera and are supposed to last all day.

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yanna from boston said...

Great idea and wicked cheap.