Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gladiator Sandals Hot for 2014: Kourtney Kardashian First To Step Out In Style!

Gladiator sandals. These are Louboutins -- Spring 2014.
NOT an easy look to wear unless you're 6 foot tall on the fashion runway, but 5 foot tall Kourtney Kardashian pulls it off!

Kourtney is the trendsetter of the Kardashian sisters. She is fearless when it comes to fashion. She takes risks, big ones, and she usually nails them most of the time. Certainly, middle sister Kim is all about the clothes, but we think Kourtney goes farther out on the fashion limb.

So, how does a very petite woman copy the runway look?

With confidence and a good eye.

The eldest Kardashian sister is aware of what is going to be HOT.

Take a look at Kourtney's fab gladiator sandals as she's out + about with cutie-pie Penelope in warm, sunny California.
Dare to copy Kourtney Kardashian's look? We found cheaper versions of the glam gladiator sandals!
Steve Madden Sparta Black Leather Sandal ($99.95)
Check them out here.

Or how about these:
Click here for details. Will you dare to join the 2014 gladiator fashion trend this spring?
Go Jane Fully Strapped Gladiator Sandals ($35.10)


Anonymous said...

I agree you really have to be model thin and super tall to make these look right but I agree that Kourtny can wear them well. She even pulled off a black lace jumsuit and she's so short. Maybe good proportions?

Ms O said...

Don't agree with you because Kim's boobs are akways hanging out of her clothes so that to me is a major fashion risk and NO-NO.

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