Sunday, February 2, 2014

Phew! Kim Kardashian Returns To Her Real Dark Roots In February

Kim Kardashian's blonde ambition tour is NOW over!

The most famous TV reality star has returned to her REAL dark roots. No more sexy, bottled blonde. Bye-Bye smelly peroxide. Hello, beautiful brunette!

Although, she can rock any hair color, we think Kim K looks SO MUCH better in her darker, more natural brunette hair. The color is not the signature raven tresses we all remember. But---the brunette color is dark + warm at the moment.

Whether the fiance of Kanye West goes even darker, we're not sure, but she looks very nice.

Most professional hair colorists warn all of us about straying too many shades AWAY from our natural hair color.


 Because the dyeing process is lengthy + tricky and does NOT easily complement our skin tones.

 We felt that Kim looked older + washed-out with the honey blonde look. She carried it for 8 months.

A lot of women LOVED the celebrity's blonde ambition and might be disappointed that Kim K has just taken a beauty walk on the dark side.

We do admire Kim for taking beauty challenges. She's lucky she has super stylists + makeup artists ready to transform her when she wants a radical change.

What do you think, dear readers.....

Is Kim Better Blonde or Brunette?


Anonymous said...

Hands down, way down----Better as Brunette!
I thought the blonde looked trashy or her because the color was not doing her pretty features any favor.

evs said...

Sorry but I LOVE her as blonde. I am disappointed.

sarcastian2 said...

Cant stand her or her family.

Could care less if she highlighted hair in pink polkadots!