Friday, February 21, 2014

Big, Full Brows: Hot Trend Continues For Spring 2014

Got big, beautiful brows like model Cara Delevingne?

If you do, you are a lucky gal, because big, full brows are STILL the hot trend going into Spring 2014.

Don't be too sad if you lack those brows. Most of us cannot grow Cara brows no matter how hard we try.

BUT--- we CAN all stop plucking + waxing like crazy. Let the hairs grow back in naturally

Do NOT groom so much!

We like applying cold-pressed CASTOR OIL on our brows at night. It is supposed to keep the hairs healthy, full and supposedly grow quicker.

We think it does help.

Meantime, there are tons of beauty brow helpers on the market. Yes, you can grow your own through artfully done makeup.

Here's one from Benefit Cosmetics--Gimme Brow ($22, at  We like this because the formula is a brush-on fiber gel. It's also tinted + water-resistant.  It helps thin brows look naturally fuller by sticking to the hairs and bulking them up.

Gimme Brow comes in 2 shades:
light medium and
medium deep.


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