Friday, February 28, 2014

Perfect Brows In 2014: Somewhere In Between Thin And Thick?

Perfect brows.

Do they even exist?

Let's look at 2 very different-looking celebrities. One has thinner brows--the other much thicker brows.

Sophia Loren VS. Lily Collins:

We think both stars are gorgeous. And yes, both women look perfect with their individual brows
We are well aware that full brows are STILL big beauty news in 2014.

You CAN'T force yourself to grow Lily Collins eyebrows. Maybe your DNA will never allow that much brow growth.

You CAN stop plucking, waxing and trimming brows. That's what we have been doing for quite a while now. Our little brow hairs are finally sprouting, but unfortunately, we could never get brows like Lily's. We wish!

These are our brows. Yeah....and that's even with a little pencil. Have to cheat the best way we can.

Some might argue that Sophia's brows were too thin in this photo. We have seen the movie legend with much thicker brows in other photos. For some reason, maybe it is Sophia's stunning bone structure, but she looks splendid with thinner brows.

Here's a beauty pic of where brows should begin + end.
To grow thicker brows in a natural way, check out this YouTube video!

Our beauty message here: Be yourself. Aim for a more natural-looking brow, but don't despair, just because you don't have super thick eyebrows. It's not the end of the world.


Anonymous said...

I like your photo. I have thinner brows too. I'm going to try that coconut oil and castor oil trick.

geena said...

I used to pluck the crap out of mine--LOL.I just turned 40 and don't have much brows left.Really sucks.Wish thin brows would come back.Actually I prefer Sophia's brows than Lilly's.

Anonymous said...

AGREE! Some women look better without such a full heavy eyebrow. Its' individual.

debby33 said...

You look like Cher!