Monday, February 17, 2014

The Stilettos Solution: Spray This On Feet + Go!


You've got to admit----these shoes make EVERY women's legs look long, lean, sculpted + spectacular.

But we all know the damage that comes with wearing sky-high, needle-thin heels, right ladies!

There's a cool product that will TAKE AWAY the PAIN. The stilettos solution. It's formulated with an inflammation-fighting arnica extract. Just SPRITZ and say Ah-hhhhh, and then slip into your favorite stilettos and go!

It's called Still Standing ($19.99, at You get a box of 4 mini spray bottles of Still Standing. Great, because these little ones tuck away neatly into your purse or pocket. Perfect for on-the-go!

Celebs aren't the only folks who love wearing stilettos. But they seem to know all about this soothing spray.

By the way, the spray is CLEAR and won't stain. The spray also contains aloe, and menthol which "provides a cooling sensation while the certified organic ilex (which has been used by Indians in the South American Rainforest for centuries) works to intensify the effect."

Smart beauty product. Plus---you can even spritz it on through stockings.


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