Thursday, June 26, 2014

Big Beauty Bulk-Up: Jessica Simpson's Legs Are The New Madonna Arms!

A recent beauty publication has linked the defined musculature of Jessica Simpson's legs to Madonna's super-ripped arms.

And you know what?

We see the connection!

For a few years now, it's been ALL about the arms---shredded biceps + triceps.

And Madonna became the poster girl for extreme arm fitness in both a good + bad way.
Either the star was considered perfectly fit with bulked-up arms or way too buff for a woman to appear.

And now usher in Jessica Simpson, a new mom once again to baby boy Ace Knute with fiance Eric Johnson. And look at those killer legs! The calves alone, are something you can't take your eyes off.

Already---the critics have responded:

"Those legs are too muscular and belong on a man."
"Way to go, Jess! You look incredible!"

Jessica admits dropping some 50 lbs. through Weight Watchers since having baby Ace. Plus she works out. Trainer Harley Pasternak demonstrates her leg-sculpting routine:

Check out this excellent demo here on

Ladies, Do you prefer the beauty bulk-up or just fit but not defined?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, her legs look horrible! It's not feminine. Those legs DO belong on her husband to be, not on jessica.

pixiedust11 said...

Ew! I prefer being fit but not so exagerated muscles.

Anonymous said...

Both women look incredibl. I like that musculer look.