Sunday, June 8, 2014

Liv Tyler Complains About Jowls At 36: Plastic Surgeons Say Cheeks Maintain Youth.

Oh, Liv Tyler...You sound so silly.

This striking woman, the daughter of rock legend Steven Tyler has opened up and been honest about her own fears of getting older. At age 36, we still think Liv looks lovely, as this recent photo shows.

Liv spoke to Glamour magazine's July issue in which she admits seeing some changes happening to her famous face, but that she's taking these observations in stride.

....."The jowls I got from my dad seem more pronounced. I've got a couple of grey hairs,' Liv added. "But I've noticed that when I'm happy and healthy on the inside - eating well, laughing with my best friend - I feel more beautiful on the outside."

So, could a woman in her 30's already develop jowls, the lower part of a person's cheeks, especially when these are fleshy or drooping.

Yes, it's possible, especially if your bone structure features a longer face + jaw, whereas a fuller, rounder face can develop a turkey neck + more sagging below the chin.

It IS tough for women to start aging when our society doesn't like to see the female species get older.

Keeping killer cheekbones will maintain one's youth say most plastic surgeons. And if you feel your face is too flat, you CAN fake it.

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Anonymous said...

LIV TYLER is stunning. I don't see the jowls yet either. When she turns 45 then she will see them. We all age even beautiful people like LIV.