Monday, June 16, 2014

Want Kim K's Killer Brows? Then You Need Some Anastasia Now!

Killer brows.

We ALL want those, and yeah, some of you were born with them.

We believe that Kim Kardashian has one of the BEST sets of killer brows around. Sure, in her case, it's mainly genetics. Her brows are naturally full.

Plus---Kim K leaves the proper brow grooming to famous eyebrow guru Anastasia of L.A. (below), as well as her professional makeup artists for perfect results.

We've now got the beauty scoop on Kim K's wedding brows. So let's take a further look:
There appears to be 4 Anastasia brow products used to create Kim K's Killer Brows.

Now, you do not have to use all 4 Anastasia brow products, but the most important, magical item is this one:

  Dipbrow Pomade--- a creamy gel, waterproof formula ($18, at
  Dark Brown was applied on Kim.
And Anastasia also used the Brow Wiz ($21) to create Kim K's killer brows. This one in Brunette/Dark Brown has an ultra-fine pencil tip, as well as on the other end, a spool-ey brush to blend in the brow Wiz + Dipbrow Pomade.

Now, you can also go 2 steps further, although pro makeup artists make this easier than it looks:

Duo Brow Powder in Brunette/Dark Brown ($23) to further define eyebrows.

Beauty Genius gel to seal the brow makeup flawlessly($18).

To view all 4 Anastasia brow products, click here.


Anonymous said...

Too much work for the average working girl, now if I had a pro makeup artist to do it--great. too busy to be bothered, but i would probably try the gel dipbrow thing you mention here.

Lana++ said...

How much of Kim's brows are her own?
Is it all pencil and gel and powder?
That's what I'm confused about.
My brows aren't as thick as hers so I don't want to exxagerate them too much=too fake then?

Anonymous said...

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