Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Finding The Perfect Foundation Match For Today's All-American Woman

The perfect match.

When it comes to makeup foundation, well for us, it's been almost impossible to blend in the perfect match. We have light olive skin, being of Mediterranean background.

Today, we wear ColorStay foundation in NUDE by Revlon. And we've been applying this foundation shade for years now. Maybe 15 years and counting.....This is the CLOSEST shade we could get to match our skin tone. Not flawless, but, not bad, either.

We have been to the department store makeup counters and have had pros trying to exactly match our complexion, but still, they haven't done any better than our self, so we stick to the Revlon, because it works and we're afraid we can't do any better.

We remember the March issue of Glamour magazine that recently tackled this same topic. The publication noted that we are indeed a melting pot nation, and that "the number of mixed-race people grew 32% from 2000-2010," adding that by the year 2050, "people of color are predicted to represent 54% of the American population."

So, that poses a lot of challenges for makeup companies to re-think foundation choices for the abundance of skin tones that ALL deserve the perfect foundation match.

We believe that the giant makeup players are trying to expand the foundation market. Bobbi Brown + MAC are just 2 of the major companies that offer a nice, full range of foundations that are really wearable + flattering to most skin tones.

And then there is IMAN Cosmetics started by the iconic model herself, who has been at the forefront for years now, when it comes to creating the closest to an exact foundation match.

Iman's brand looks at the issue this way:

 ...."That women with skin of color represent many races, cultures and ethnicities. IMAN Cosmetics, Skincare and Fragrances are designed for African American, Asian, Latina and multi-cultural women with skin tones in a myriad of shades."

Beautiful Iman divides her foundations choices into 3 color categories--Sand, Clay, Earth, with 16 shades to choose from (photo only shows 12 shades here).
To learn more about IMAN Cosmetics, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Good for Iman--a true beauty pioneer. Plus she STILL loooks so young!