Saturday, June 28, 2014

Comfy Clothing For J Lo: Her Fave Are Wedge Sneakers....

When she's NOT on the red carpet doing her sexy thing, Jennifer Lopez likes to kick back in something easy-breezy. J Lo LOVES her loose gym looks + special shoes, according to the July issue of InStyle magazine:

When asked about her FAVORITE article of fashion, this is how the glam superstar responded

"Something comfy, like my sweatsuits and wedge sneakers."

 And big wedge it is. We're not talking Kohl's, either.

J Lo adores her Giuseppe Zanotti wedge sneakers in both white and black shades. These zip-up, metal-plate sneaks give her a nice boost in the height department.
These are $1,000 a pair sneakers. We found some at Saks.

You can copy J Lo's wedge sneaker look with a much cheaper pair. We hunted down these at ami clubwear for $23.99. Lace-up 3-inch wedges with a single metal plate.

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reeseG said...

So 1990s, JLO....LOL.