Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sun Laboratories Self Tanning Lotion For Safe, Sun-Kissed Bronze Skin

Who doesn't desire sun-kissed bronze skin, especially during those fun days of summer?

But we have all learned the hard way that there is NO safe tan. Period.

Even superstar Jennifer Lopez lies on the beach in moderation, and has perfected the fab, fake tan with a couple of clever products by advise from her makeup artist Scott Barnes:

"Stay out of the sun! He (Scott) really nailed into my head. Bronzer and self-tanners are so worth it. Stay out of the booth, girls! And boys!" Jennifer has said previously.

Self-tanning lotions are where it's at in today's world. And we have sampled an excellent system from Sun Laboratories. If you're looking for a smooth, golden INSTANT tan, then check this company out.

Sun Laboratories features a number of SAFE, for all skin types---sunless tanning sets or kits to help you achieve that sexy, bronze, summer beauty. You get exfoliating body gel, instant tint--self tanning lotion overnight and tan extender lotion.

The sunless tanning products are all paraben-free, come with lots of scientific research and results that deliver. The tanning magic is in the unique ingredients:

Natural sugar-based formula leaves a bronzed look in just three hours!

Self-tanning lotions take some practice to make it all look flawless, but if you follow directions exactly as Sun Laboratories suggests, your deep, dark tan will look amazing + last for days.

We sampled the company's TAN OVERNIGHT SELF TANNING LOTION (10211 T). On SALE now for only $39.95. This set (generous 8 oz. bottles) is gorgeous for light to  medium skin tones. We are of Mediterranean background with light, olive skin.

We can tell you we have NEVER self-tanned, but the results we found after trying it just on our legs offer a NATURAL, attractive, real-looking, medium tan. NO orange skin to worry about. The almond scent is appealing. When everything has set + dried, you will notice that common, self tanning lotion scent, but it disappears in the shower.

We think Sun Laboratories Self Tanning Lotion is a GOOD SUMMER BUDGET BUY!

Here are a few self-tanning lotion tips:
1. Exfoliate in the shower--with a loofah sponge or brush. The smoother the skin, the easier the application.
2. Wear a pair of latex gloves when applying, so palms of hands stay colorless until the end when you want to tan your hands.
3. Rub in the self-tanning lotion quickly, and keep moving to other parts of skin. Do not linger on any one area.
4. Apply one coat every night right after showering until desired shade is reached.
5. Don't forget to rub in the Tan Moisturizer Maintainer in the morning. It wonderfully hydrates the skin with aloe vera gel.

Sun Laboratories also sells bronzer, makeup + skin care items, teeth whitening kits and airbrush tanning equipment.

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