Friday, June 20, 2014

Going On Summer Vacation? Then Take This With You For Wrinkles!

Summer vacation is fast approaching for many of us. And wherever your travels + adventures take you, remember that wrinkles are a no-no.

Well, NOT those wrinkles we worry about after playing in the sun all day. For those---tuck in your high 30 SPF, plus some retinoids for nighttime application.

We're talking about those OTHER wrinkles. You know---the kind that ruin your perfect summer ensemble.

Packing for vacation is not always fun when you have to cram your favorite tops, shorts, skirts, bathing suits, etc. into a never big enough suitcase. And maybe where you're headed, ironing isn't an option.

But there is a simple solution.

You will have to pack along these 2 extra items:

1. A blowdryer.
2. A bottle of this---"The Laundress Crease Release" ($8, 2 fl.oz., at

It's easy. After you arrive at your hotel room, beach/lake cottage, etc., hang up your loose dresses, tops, shorts and so on. Spray them with Crease Release. Then BLAST 'em with your blowdryer. Laundress is safe + gentle to fabrics.

There---INSTANT smoothing. Wrinkle-free, ladies!

Now go out and enjoy your summer vacation!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great idea. I had never heard of CreaseRelease. I HATE wrinkled vacay clothing.