Saturday, June 7, 2014

Summertime Means Sexy, Skinny White Jeans!

Cindy Crawford is already showing off a pair. And she looks FAB in them--from behind and in front. You supermodel, you!
We like the effortless ease of Cindy's ensemble:

skinny white jeans
button down, turquoise shirt
and saddle, wedge sandals

Perfect. Simple and NOT trying hard.

A pair of skinny white jeans should be a staple in EVERY gal's closet. These pants look nice on EVERY shape. It's a CLASSIC.

We found a glam pair here at

 The Hudson Collin Mid-Rise Skinny in White Studs (on sale, $143).

Skinny white jeans are everywhere and at every price.

Here's another pair from
 The Hero Optic White High Rise Skinny Jeans ($55). We think EVERY body looks sexy in skinny white jeans, from thin to curvy.