Saturday, January 3, 2015

Copy Taylor Swift's Baby Blue Winter Coat For $72 And Less!

We happen to LOVE the color baby blue. In fact, we believe it looks great with dark hair.

And it looks FAB with blonde hair, too, because Taylor Swift has been walking around icy cool New York City these days wearing a baby blue ASOS coat.

LOVE it! That girl has a lovely sense of style.

Copy the SAME look here for just $72, or get an even cheaper knock-off for $58

So, let's get busy, girls!

Here is Taylor all warm + cozy in an ASOS Boyfriend Coat (on SALE $72.01)! In sizes--4, 8, 10+ 14. Deep patch pockets, double-breasted, over-sized style.

Now here is that same ASOS coat with the model wearing it. Very nice!

And if you'd like a baby blue, cheaper version, then check out this pretty, boyfriend coat from Forever21--Oversized Boucle Coat ($57.80). Good price for a cool look. In Small. Medium. Large.

Maybe it's time to try on the baby blue coat trend. Taylor Swift can do NO wrong these days.

There are just so many black coats you can keep on wearing.

Baby blue, a seriously great budget buy!