Friday, January 16, 2015

New Mascara In 2015: Rimmel Wonder'Lash Makes Debut

We admit. We are a mascara freak....and proud of it. Cannot live without this beauty staple.

So when a NEW mascara comes to town, we will tell you all about it. Here we are---already 2015.

Rimmel London Wonder'Lash ($8.99, at ULTA stores).

What's so wonder'ful about NEW Wonder'Lash?

The formula is infused with argan oil, somehow. and yet, it's NOT a greasy product.

If we believe the beauty hype about Rimmel London, then we can expect soft, healthy lashes with shine + volume.

Wonder'Lash comes in Black and Extreme Black. Plus the mascara wand or brush looks pretty decent.

We like Rimmel London mascaras. They are drugstore inexpensive and have nice, build-able volume.

Wonder Bra and now....Wonder'Lash. It was bound to happen soon.


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