Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Get Amal Clooney's Gorgeous Red Carpet Goddess Gown For So Much Less--$159!

Okay, so you DON'T have to wear the white opera gloves.....But we LIKED Amal Clooney's first red carpet appearance at Sunday evening's Golden Globes awards show in L.A..

And now you, too, can COPY Amal's expensive, Dior Couture goddess gown for only $159 from David's Bridal.

Why spend thousands$$$ when you can get a decent knock-off for so much less?!

Let's take a look at the striking, human rights lawyer and recently married Mrs. Clooney.

We would have preferred the gloves were in black and + form-fitting. But otherwise, the gloves as part of the ensemble are fine by us, and if Amal were going for old Hollywood glam, we think she nailed it nicely.

At David's Bridal, we found 2 black, one-shoulder gowns to choose from--each one at an affordable $159. One has the sari effect Amal is displaying here. The other gown, minus the long sash. Either way, the look is simple + chic--classic,

One-Shoulder Long Jersey Dress with Cascade Back.

Long On-Shoulder Jersey Gown

We think the gown without the sari (photo2) looks more like Amal's dress if it didn't have the sash (sari).

We look forward to more Amal style in the upcoming awards shows!


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