Friday, January 23, 2015

JLo Copies Kim Kardashian Naughty Cleavage In Very Bare Down To There Black Dress

Let's be honest here....Kim Kardashian is QUEEN of the cleavage parade, but someone else is trying to steal KK's thunder, and that is none other than JLo, who has been showing off a lot of NAUGHTY cleavage these days.


Because Jennifer Lopez looks gorg at 45, and why not?

Rumor has it that the superstar recently got new breast implants.

Can't prove that, but Jennifer is looking bustier than she ever has. Either's all good...LOL

By the way, JLo debuted this Andrew Gn black dress last night on Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live."

Kim K's black dress is by Balmain.

Now, take a look at JLo photpgraphed today sans makeup + all the glamour, walking around NYC.

Wow....what a difference a great makeup artist makes!

Yikes....well, we will admit that a decent foundation does a lot for the complexion---evening out skin tone, covering up blemishes, dark circles, protecting skin from the elements and making a nice canvas for blush, shadow, + rest of makeup.

Jennifer has revealed before as a spokesperson for L'Oreal Paris that she wears True Match foundation:

The Story Behind My Skin:
100% Puerto Rican
Jennifer Lopez, 100% True Mtach W6Sun Beige

L'Oreal's True Match foundation claims that after 7 years of research and working with 57 ethnic backgrounds, they've developed 33 foundation shades, including---your perfect match.

Check out True Match here at for $11.49.