Saturday, January 10, 2015

Oh, No---Daria! Supermodel Brings Back Hairy Armpit Look

Okay.....This is what supermodel Daria Werbowy usually looks like when she's modeling before the camera.

Classic, polished + elegant. Plus, 31-year-old Daria is the new face for Celine Resort 2015.

And now here is Daria, again a few days ago, showing the world her natural look---hairy armpits included, on photographer Cass Bird's Instagram page.

No...this isn't anything new. Plenty of big-name celebs have showed us their hairy armpits before. Here are a few of them, in case you have forgotten:

Oh, Sophia Loren! Not you, too?!

We know how we feel about armpit hair. Personally we despise it showing. We SHAVE it off every day even when we are too lazy or tired to lift a shaver.

Is this now fashionable, again? Or is it a feminist thing, again?

Some men are turned on by women with hairy armpits...and some women are, too.

How do you feel about it?

Are hairy armpits alright or just plain gross?


Pame said...

Its so GROSS!

Anonymous said...

JUlia Roberts thinks she's so cool when she raised her arm.
It looks dirty and gross!

smiley33 said...

I like it. It IS natural and looks sexy. Why should men force us how to groom and where to groom. Get over yourselves. Don't let a man dictate how you should look.

maymay said...

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