Monday, January 26, 2015

Jennifer Aniston Goes Braless Again At SAGS: We Can't Stop Staring!

We all know that actress Jennifer Aniston has a super fit body, but lately on the red carpet, the blonde stunner is burning her bra, so to speak.

Jennifer Aniston has gone braless, and yeah, we can't stop staring...

Is it vulgar?

Is it just right?

Or somewhere in between?

Here is the "Cake"-nominated star at the SAG Awards last night in Hollywood, sans bra in a lovely, vintage Galliano gown, along with decolletage-teasing body chain. She lost out to Julianne Moore for BEST actress in a leading role.

Some folks feel that Jen's breasts are sagging at the SAGS, so to speak. But then again, maybe we are all just used to seeing breast implants that stand alone + higher by way of plastic surgery.

At least Jennifer's bosom appears natural and how REAL breasts hang from a woman's body. LOL

Who knows? Jennifer's breasts could be the work of a skilled surgeon who has made them appear as natural as breasts can get.

Anyway....Jennifer has chosen to put her bosom out there for the world to see, so it is NOT unusual for us to be talking about THEM.

If you would like to buy a body chain, as the trend is HOT, you can tuck the rest of the chain inside your outfit, as Jennifer has done here on 2 red carpets in a row.

We found this sexy body chain from NastyGal ($28).


Anonymous said...

desprate for attention, jenn?


Ms.V said...

I really like this bodychain by nastyGal even better then Jennifer's. I think its sexy, too. Thanks for the great tip.

Anonymous said...

This is an old post, but are you kidding me? She looks better than most people in their 20s. Breasts shouldn't sit up on your shoulders. At least she doesn't have googly eye nipples like the surgically inflated ones do.

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