Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Jumpsuit Remains HOT This Winter As Gwyneth Paltrow Proves In Nude

Jumpsuit. The word either elicits an UGH or a WOW.

If you like this 70's style, then start putting your body into one. Yeah, we know....hate it when you have to use the bathroom, but still---a jumpsuit can flatter every body type and give off the illusion of longer legs + a slimmer figure.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow showed off her body in a nude, silk Valentino jumpsuit with ruffle detail on theTonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last evening.

Yeah...we can see your Spanx, Gwyneth! But that's okay. She has a great figure and smart enough to know that a curve-hugging jumpsuit in NUDE will show just about everything, so best to keep the body looking SMOOTH before slipping into one of these.

We found a COPY-CAT jumpsuit in nude for much, much LESS. Check out British fashion label Boohoo. Here's a Steffy Wrap Over Silky Jumpsuit for just $35!

Plus...this one looks a bit more comfy + looser than the jumpsuit Gwyneth has poured herself into.

Okay then....Jumpsuits now in winter....Or will you wait until spring to get in one?


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