Friday, January 2, 2015

Eye Shadow Just Won't Blend? Try This Quick Fix By Goss Makeup Artist

Eye shadow. It's fun to wear, especially when it GLIDES along your lids and stays put. But often, that is NOT the case.

We don't have a big shadow stash, but we like to switch between dark brown and + dark gray shadows. Sounds boring. But for us, neutrals are simpler to work with.

The problem we often find, is that matte powder shadows are difficult to BLEND. In fact, we observe that eye shadows often escape our lids and DON'T adhere well.

We found a good solution to try from pro makeup artist  Wayne Goss who gives excellent demos on YouTube.

His makeup how-to's are FUN + educational. Plus he's such an affable + cute guy with sensible beauty knowledge.

So let's look at Goss Makeup Artist and his quick fix:

Moisturizer. That's it.

Just dab a tiny bit across your eyelids and up to the brow bone and let it sink in.

Wayne says you will notice an IMMEDIATE difference when you try to apply your shadow. It will go on smoothly.

And he's right. Sounds so simple....and it is.

Check out his YouTube demo here.

Wayne Goss is a YouTube rock star with about 1.4 million subscribers, our self included.

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