Sunday, January 4, 2015

Palmer's New Cocoa Butter Formula Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion For Winter Smooth Skin

We happen to LOVE cocoa butter---expensive, cheap, thick, thin, lotion, cream, etc.

And now we are thrilled about cocoa butter experts Palmer's + their NEW cocoa butter in a can. That's right. In a can.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion. It's available just about everywhere. We found a 7 oz. can for only $5.88 at Walmart.

Just twist + spray. It's really lovely + light. NOT greasy and NOT tough to absorb.

Great when you are finished showering. Spritz and rub in. Smells dreamy, too, if you adore that chocolate-coconut-y cocoa butter scent.

Let's be honest. Winter ushers in dry, frigid temps for most of us, and battling dull, dry skin that is thirsting for hydration is a common, beauty challenge.

This new rapid moisture spray lotion is quick + convenient and absorbs PRONTO!

Cocoa butter happens to be HIGH in fatty acids, meaning it can penetrate deeper into the skin and hydrate from within. Cocoa butter can also be helpful for those with sensitive skin and conditions like eczema + psoriasis. It's a soothing formula.

Spray lotions aren't just for summer, either. This Palmer's cocoa butter spray lotion is a good, beauty budget buy for winter dry skin.

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