Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hair + Scalp Need Some TLC? Try Tea Tree Shampoo By Paul Mitchell

Tea tree oil.

We've all heard about its great, medicinal properties, especially for hair + scalp.

And if we believe ALL the wonderful things tea tree oil can do, then buying a special, tea tree oil shampoo should be a no-brainer.

TEA TREE oil can:

1. Rid hair of impurities, dirt, heavy product build-up, etc.
2. Unclog pores in scalp to prevent dandruff.
3. Promote circulation to encourage healthy growth.
4. Moisturize hair + scalp.
5. Offer shine to hair.

Hair giant Paul Mitchell is boasting about his Tea Tree Special Shampoo. It's not cheap at $23 for almost 17 oz. at Walgreens.

But a little goes a long way, and you will enjoy this minty-smelling and invigorating shampoo. This stuff will give you a kick-start in the morning. And your hair will look and feel super-clean.

Of course, if you are really tring to save a buck, you could buy your own little bottle of tea tree oil and add a few drops in your shampoo yourself.

We found some tea tree oil at CVS for $8.49 a bottle.

We are going to try this method. Just DON'T tell Paul Mitchell.

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me said...

Good beauty tip! thanx because my hair needs to stop itching. I don't know what is causing this dry scalp. Im like you so I will buy some tea tree oil and put it in my shampoo.