Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jennifer Hudson Continues Blunt Bangs Trend In Spring 2010

Is it just us? Or are blunt bangs suddenly a new celebrity chic hair trend for Spring 2010!!

We've been noticing a number of dark-haired beauties rockin' the bold look around Hollywood for the past few months. We thought the trend would die out in the new year, but now actress/singer Jennifer Hudson is continuing the look in Spring 2010. And we like these blunt bangs a lot on the superstar!

We talked about Jennifer Hudson last week, about her new job as the latest celebrity face for the Weight Watcher's diet plan. She was sporting these eyebrow-framing bangs. Very blunt, almost Cleopatra-esque. And Jennifer wasn't the only red carpet lady with the chic new style. Katy Perry is a bangs beauty from years ago. And a very pregnant Padma Lakshmi had gone the bangs route back in the fall/winter months. We've also seen model Naomi Campbell and singer Beyonce in on the hot hair trend with some fierce blunt bangs.

A smart beauty move for Jennifer Hudson, and all these lovely ladies. Bangs do this for your face at any age:

1. Emphasize eyes.
2. Hide forehead wrinkles and/or a too high forehead.
3. Put the spotlight on cheekbones.
4. Hide skimpy eyelashes and give the illusion of thicker lashes.
5. Bangs give a youthfulness to the face.
6. Bangs can also make a face look rounder, longer, thinner, wider, depending on the angle of their cut.

Smoky eyes look especially pretty with eye-framing fringe. So don't be afarid to put the bulls-eye on your peepers with dark shadow and eyeliner.

Just remember: Blunt bangs are a commitment. And they require a bit of maintenance. And if you really hate the bangs you got, well, it can seem like forever to grow them out. So, you can always 'try on' some bangs with clip-ons, like the line Ken Paves sells with Jessica Simpson. Or, you can learn to trim your own bangs.

Check out this InStyle How-To Video on YouTube with great stylist Ted Gibson.

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deech11 said...

U make me want me some bangs!!
They cover up all the bad stuf.
Gr8 story.