Monday, April 5, 2010

Lauren Conrad Lets Hair Down By Admitting To Extensions

Love Lauren Conrad? Who doesn't.

She seems to have it all. She's a beautiful, kind, glamorous gal, a writer, a designer, a TV star, and a head full of extensions.

That's right. Those long, wavy blonde locks are fake. And, yeah, we certainly appreciate Lauren Conrad's honesty. At age 24, she's a breath of fresh air.

In the May issue of Glamour(out on newsstands tomorrow), Lauren Conrad lets her hair down. "These are all extensions." she explains, "I chopped all my hair off to my shoulders. I thought I was doing a chic bob. It was so bad."

So what, many of you might be saying. Lots of celebrities wear hair extensions.

True, but how many of them admit to having fake hair. Extensions have become so sophisticated and hair high-tech these days, that it's not always easy to tell who's got the faux strands and who does not.

Jessica Simpson has worn hair extensions quite frequently in her career, and has been unafraid to admit it. She's also lucky to have made some major profits by hooking up with her stylist Ken Paves, who sells a line of both human hair and synthetic hair extensions with Jessica's name.

If you crave having long sexy hair and aren't sure about the commitment of extensions, you can try clip-ons by Ken Paves. That way, you can instantly 'grow' a set of bangs or a pony tail wrap with a quick clip-on. If you tire of them, simply un-clip. A lot cheaper than salon hair extensions.

Lauren Conrad also admits to one other common beauty problem, in her interview with Glamour. "I’ve never felt a push to be stick thin,” Lauren says. "I work out and eat healthy, so mostly it’s about being in shape and having energy." The star suggests she's okay with her less than perfect body. "About a year ago, I looked down and thought, ‘I have cellulite. Where did that come from?’ I went through treatments; [my body] was like, It’s not going anywhere."

We love Lauren Conrad and her honesty. To read the full interview, pick up the May issue of Glamour April 6th.


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It's good to know that she is not denying the use of hair extensions. And good for her because she is contented with her body unlike Heidi Montag.

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