Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Upper Eyelid Lifter Cream Not Surgery But 'Pretty Darn Good'

Eyelid Lift in a box?

Well, sort of. A couple of months ago, we told you about Butt Lift in a Box. The clever marketing folks at Bremenn Research Labs are at it once again. And this time, they promise you 'an extraordinary eyelid cream that makes your eyes look bigger, brighter, and fresher.'

The product has been out in fine dept. stores like Sephora, Bloomingdale's, and Lord & Taylor, since January.

Bremenn Research Labs also claim this: "Not quite a surgical 'eye lift'...but pretty darn good."

Those are strong words, and at a price of $59 for a 0.5 oz. tube, we hope they mean what they say.

So, what's in the Upper Eyelid Lifter cream?! Well, for one healthy thing, no parabens. The special ingredients include peptides and amino acids that firm the skin right below the brow bone, and then give the whole eye area a nice lift.

We all know that the eye area ages very quickly, due to increased exposure to the sun. And the skin around the eyes is delicate and thin, and lacks moisture. So, 'fixing' this area, or repairing the eyelid part of the face is quite a challenge for most. Latest research shows that laser re-surfacing can do wonders for the upper and lower eyelids, producing even better results than eyelid surgery through cosmetic enhancement.

But a lot of women and men would prefer to tighten up and lift the eye area without undergoing expensive and serious surgery. So a cream that promises to at least 'support upper eyelid integrity,' is worth a shot.

Does Bremenn Research Labs' Upper Eyelid Lifter cream really work? We saw a recent customer review tally at Sephora, that gives the product an average rating of 2.6% out of 5%. You can check out the comments here.

Is this a serious boost for sagging eyelids? Maybe. At least we'd like to hope so.


Anonymous said...

Tried this stuff for a month. Don't waste your $$$$$.

Dee said...

Creams will never work to lift sagging eyelids. You need to either remove the excess skin (surgery) or add support to it. The only product that works for this is called Eye Magic. I know of a few people that use this and buy it regularly. Its also only $20 vs $59 for this upper eyelid lifter. The Eye Magic website is if you want something that actually works.