Monday, April 19, 2010

How To Get Super Glossy Hair With Hempz Shine Spray

Glossy. Shiny. It's the kind of hair we all desire. In fact, we were just having that conversation with a girlfriend about 'so and so' having such shiny locks. How does she get that megawatt glow?

Let's be reasonable here. Flat irons. Blow dryers. Perms. Straightening. Extensions. Curling irons. Peroxide. Permanent color.

All of those can really damage the hair cuticle, resulting in flat, dry, and dull-looking locks. But some of us cannot live without some type of hair chemical, what can we do?!

Try some hemp seed oil.

Oh yeah. There's something in it that brings on the S-H-I-N-E. Hemp seed oil is legal, so let's get that out of the way. In fact, hemp oil is now commonly used in a number of beauty treatments---shampoos, hairsprays, conditioners, etc. It's got good properties in it, that can strengthen your hair. And don't worry, your hair will get high in shine, but not high off the THC, because there is not enough of it in there to get you stoned.

Just a little hemp history: Marijuana and industrial hemp both come from Cannabis sativa L, but the plants are cultivated in very different ways. Industrial hemp makes use of the seeds and fiber, whereas pot plants are harvested for their flowering tops and leaves.

That's why we are looking today at Supre Hempz Shine Spray ($16, now on sale for $13, 4.3 oz. can) here. This is amazing shine spray. It wakes up even the dullest hair! We just happened to stumble upon it. We like it when a beauty product can add such 'weightless brilliance' to any type of hair.

If you are a little hair-challenged these days, why not try Supre Hempz Shine Spray, and enjoy using a product that actually comes from nature.

"Hempz Shine Spray adds instant shine for healthy looking hair. Hemp seed oil and extract work with natural botanical oils, proteins and special silicones to provide immediate shine, tame frizz and help keep hair conditioned. UV-inhibitors and heat shield ingredients protect from color loss and styling damage. Hempz Shine Spray is the final step for a perfect style."

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