Saturday, April 24, 2010

Celebrities Chopping Off Hair For New Trendy Summer Dos

Celebrities chopping off their hair for summer?!

Say it isn't so!

When a handful of pretty celebrities all start making similar beauty changes, everyone takes notice, and soon, the hot new trend hits middle town America. And right now, it's looking like shorter cropped styles and long bobs are summer trendy.

Kate Beckinsale, Heidi Klum, and at the moment, Hayden Panettiere have all traded their long, sexy locks for shorter new dos.

Love it or hate it?

Well, we suppose when you are that famous, good-looking, and glamorous, you wear it well. But usually when a woman chops off her trademark look of long, flowing tresses, it signals trauma of some kind, usually in the man department. Remember when Jennifer Love Hewitt recently dumped her boyfriend, and then chopped off her hair into a lob (long bob)?!

As far as we all know, the men in Hayden's, Heidi's, and Kate's lives are loving the new hairstyles. No break-ups there. Hayden Panettiere is a beauty chameleon. In other words, she changes up her looks often. Recently, she was sporting a wavy, long hairstyle of auburn locks. And now pictured above, there she was at an Earth Day celebration yesterday in L.A. You really notice those gorgeous blue eyes.
As far as model Heidi Klum goes, well, er, can you say Mommy haircut? Sorry, with a gal so glam, we were disappointed in the look, which we first saw on Jay Leno's show earlier this week. If it is low-maintenance she's looking for as the busy mom runs after her toddlers and hectic schedule, then, okay, we get it. But this blunt cut bangs 'n bob doesn't do much for the stunning Heidi. Meow! Sorry for being catty. Great shades, though.

British beauty Kate Beckinsale also let the scissors do the talking and styling. Although she had several inches chopped off, the trendy summer do is glamorous and full of soft volume grazing her collar bone.

And Kate told People magazine, “Oh you know, summer, let the breeze hit my neck!”

As the temperatures heat up and the days get longer, we'll be watching to see which new celebrities go for the new trendy summer dos.

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HEIDI____YOu Look like an OLD LADY!