Monday, April 12, 2010

New! First Invisible Dry Shampoo By Salon Grafix: Bye-Bye Powdery Mess!

No time to shampoo? Well, we all have days when it is nearly impossible to wash our hair.

Sure, you can buy the $30 dry powder shampoos. Yuck! Sometimes, even the high-priced ones are a powdery mess!!

But now there's a new dry shampoo on the block. And it's put out by the folks at Salon Grafix. You know the company. Their hair products are sold at just about every drugstore in town......from CVS to SafeWay to Walgreens and beyond. And did you know that, Salon Grafix is now the #1 brand of aerosol hair spray sold at retail stores across the United States!

That's why we are intrigued by Salon Grafix new Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo ($7, 4 oz. can). The company claims that this is the first invisible dry shampoo. Well, it's about time.

When you look at most dry shampoos, you get a product that does absorb the oil and greasies and stale hair smell, but it also leaves behind a messy white powder residue. Salon Grafix' does not. Simply shake, spray in (roots by section), and brush out. No color. No powder. Odors are neutralized. So, does it really work? Yes...we tried it. And our oily hair responded. There's a nice, delicate scent to the spray. As a result, the greasies were gone. Our hair felt clean and 'lifted.' This is a keeper, ladies.

Finally, an invisible dry spray shampoo. You won't be left in the dust, and you know what we mean, Pssst....