Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Demi Lovato: Teen Mega Star Heads Into Rehab For Self-Image Issues

At age 18, Demi Lovato is a teen singing sensation and budding actress
The pretty girl with the huge smile, bright eyes, and long, wavy dark brown hair seemed to be at the top of her game. And yet, people are buzzing about the Disney star after yesterday's shocking announcement, that Demi Lovato has entered rehab for "emotional and physical issues she has dealt with for some time," her rep has confirmed. She has since cancelled her tour with the Jonas Brothers.

A source close to Demi Lovato's family tells People magazine, "She was bullied in school. She fought through eating disorders and has struggled with cutting. ... Demi is taking control by getting help."

We had no clue that Demi Lovato had suffered from any kind of weight and self-image issues. But after hearing actress Portia deRossi talk to Oprah yesterday about her own long struggle with appearance and anorexia, and how her tall, 5'8" frame once weighed 82 pounds, well, we were not too surprised.

For women, whether it's Hollywood or hometown, America, the impossible standard to be perfect remains a very serious problem society has created. And perfect, generally means skinny, which generally means better.

Just look at Kelly Osbourne and how she has been received since she has dropped a lot of weight. Suddenly, the young woman has sky-rocketed to bigger popularity and more television show opportunities. Now, everyone wants to hang with tiny size 2 Kelly Osbourne. When she was some 40 pounds heavier, no one cared that Kelly wore beautiful designer clothing, debuted a singing career and had a point of view. Instead, people were cruel about her looks and her being fat.

We are very happy that Kelly has settled into a much healthier weight for herself and found higher self-esteem. But what kind of message does that send to the rest of Hollywood, as well as hometown, America?!

The sad message for women is this: Skinny equals better. Better acceptance. Better opportunities. Better life.

We applaud Demi Lovato for having the courage to seek treatment, and to come forward like Portia de Rossi, about the struggle to be perfect.

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Anonymous said...

As a mom to 2 teenage daughters who are so weight concsious, I say AMEN to your article's point of view. What happens when Kelly Osborne suddenly gains 5 lbs back, and that becomes 10 lbs. That impossible skinny standard is ruining life for our daughters. I believe in ebing fit & trim & healthy, but being a teensy sizxe 2 shouldn't heap you all these rewards. It's a shame on our society.