Saturday, January 8, 2011

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late To Treat Damaged Decollete Skin

Skin care does not stop at the precious face and neck, ladies.

When you're in your 20s and 30s, you're just not thinking about protecting your decollete. But trust us, as you head into your 40s and beyond, those once cute, tiny freckles scattered across your decollete will matter, because those sun damaged spots will become more prominent, and annoying to look at.

What exactly is the decollete?

The decollete is the upper part of a woman's chest, below the neck. And that brings us to the point of our article today:

Skin Care should not end at the chin. Let's look below. The decollete area on a woman's body is one of the first places to show age. The decollete needs tender loving care. According to, a website dedicated to helping raise awareness about early detection of breast cancer, the skin of the decollete, is quite delicate:

"The skin on the décolleté area is more sensitive than skin on other parts of our body; it is thinner, less moisturized, has less elasticity and there is no fat tissue below. Consequently, this skin is more likely to show signs of aging with dryness, hyper-pigmentation and age spots."

We have found a super new beauty product by a beauty company we trust, that addresses the neck and decollete:

Necollete by Osmotics Cosmeceuticals ($75, This is a strong formula that fights back against damaged decollete skin:

Helps firm and support neck contours while reinforcing fragile skin with needle free hyaluronic acid booster .
Strengthens collagen fibers with powerful peptide combination.
Visibly reduces redness/blotchiness for a more even skin tone.
Firms and tightens for more youthful contours.

Allure magazine once asked 40-something model Cindy Crawford about the areas she pays special attention to:

CINDY CRAWFORD: My hands and my décolleté. In L.A., there are 65-year-old women walking around in Juicy sweatpants, and from the back, you'd think they were 20. But when you see their hands or their neck, you know. When I put moisturizer on my face, I use a little extra so that I have enough to cover my hands. Most people don't start caring about the décolleté until it's too late, but I'm religious about it.

Let's all get on decollete damage control in 2011.

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Jenny said...

GReat advice+this product by Osmotics sounds perfect for me.I sunned way too much during my 20s and now at 38,well,let's say the spots are starting to show all over my decolette.