Sunday, April 3, 2011

Best Beauty Penny Pincher: Dr. Hauschka Tube Wringer

Ladies....have you ever had an expensive tube of anti-aging cream, where you needed every last drop, and were trying to squeeze the heck out of what little was left? And you were dealing with a tough, metal tube?

We run into that problem every time we get low on our must-have, precious Retin-A cream. We bend it it this way and that, desperately attempting to release any tiny speck of the serum before tossing the tube into the waste basket.

But now, there is another way.......Dr. Hauschka skin care has come up with today's 'Beauty Penny Pincher,'-----the Tube Wringer. And it ain't just for that costly whitening toothpaste you don't want to part with.

The new Dr. Hauschka Tube Wringer ($15.95, here) is a clever and valuable little beauty gadget. It saves money by conserving product. It's useful for any tube packaging, from anti-aging creams to toothpaste. And it is simple to use:

Fold out sealed end of tube to start initial grip of rollers. To move all the cream to the end of the tube, fasten the wringer to the sealed end and with the cap sealed turn the nod on the wringer till the cream reachs the end. To fully empty the tube, remove the cap and turn the wringer nob till all the cream is out.

Don't laugh--Dr. Hauschka's Tube Wringer does get out every single, precious last drop. And in the long run, you save $$$. We think this is a must-have Beauty Penny Pincher.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Go to any art store's paint section and you can buy these by the handfuls for under a buck!