Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How 24CT. Gold Makes Astre A Gem In The Skin Care Business

Is Astre Skin Care worth its weight in gold?

The reason we ask, is because this new line of skin care contains 24ct. gold. You can even see tiny flecks of the gold in its premier product-----the Astre Anti-Aging Skin Matrix Serum with Pure 24CT. Gold.

Now, at $99 a bottle, you might wonder, too, is this anti-aging serum worth the price?

In our honest opinion......Yes. We have had the pleasure of sampling Astre's Anti-Aging Skin Matrix Serum for about 3 weeks now. And we like the luminosity, firmness, and healthy appearance our skin has taken on. We also appreciate the formula's organic aloe vera base, and how the product glides upon the skin and absorbs completely.

We recently spoke with Greg Kelly, the CEO of Astre Skin Care. And he is proud to tell us, that Astre is a skin care line that is natural, without harmful toxins, and scientifically advanced to address the signs of aging. One of the key players succeeding in the anti-aging war is a new anti-wrinkle peptide, called Acetyl Hexapeptide-3.

And he claims that his beauty business competitors are filling up their skin care jars and bottles with some other nasty stuff, and then nailing women with some hefty price tags.

"Alot of the high end serums contain acetyl hexapeptide which is a very expensive and effective ingredient. The main difference is that we have taken out all the cheap toxins that permeate the cosmetic industry. The profit margins from the $800 bottles are huge. Our basic premise is to make a quality high end product available to women who want quality without paying crazy prices. Most companies use cheap fillers to add weight to their products...we dont. Our 1 oz. bottles are pure and natural...what you see is what you get."

And the 24ct. gold is definitely in the Astre Anti-Aging Skin Matrix Serum for a reason, according to Greg.

"Gold really is a miracle element for skin, that is why people pay so much for these high end gold masks. Primarily, gold tricks the skin into producing collagen, which we all know is critical in preventing sagging skin. We only use pure 24ct gold...the highest quality. Recent studies show that gold pulls toxins from the skin which of course leaves skin clean and pure at the basal layer."

Maybe that's why the Skin Matrix Serum is the company's most popular product. Greg says the response has been incredible. And even with their free return policy, not one bottle has been sent back for a refund, thus far.

You get a lot in a 1 oz. bottle of Astre's Anti-Aging Skin Matrix Serum. And a little goes a long way, for the face and neck. The other active ingredient present is Hyaluronic Acid. And this powerful humectant gives back the fullness, suppleness and youthfulness to skin.

Achieving great skin is really an investment. It is something we can all have, if we work hard at it and take the time to try some superb skin care products.

For more details, visit the Astre Skin Care company.


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