Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kate Middleton:Weight Loss Becomes Main Media Focus As Royal Wedding Nears

Poor princess-to-be, Kate Middleton, can't catch a bloody break. With the royal wedding just 8 days away, the media pressure is mounting to incredible heights.

Brideorexia. That's the newest label being pinned to the 29-year-old British beauty who has captured the eye and heartof Prince William.

Can you believe some of the nasty things being hurled her way:
1. Kate Middleton is wasting away. Looks skeletal.
2. Gone from a size 6 down to a sickly size 2.
3. Kate has 'brideorexia.'
4. She's so thin, her dresses just hang on her now.
5. Her face has become too gaunt---her chin is jutting out.

Really now. Even the Irish Times newspaper penned a column on Monday, criticizing the princess-to-be as being TOO skinny as size 6:

....."But Kate’s too thin, that’s the problem. I’m worried about the wedding dress. She was thin enough in the engagement dress. Then last week she appeared in a blue suit, gaunt. Her lovely knees knocking. Her beautiful face haggard. Is this the way the fairy tale ends – at a size six? Here is the wedding of the year or perhaps of the decade. Here is the happily ever after. And here is the message going out to young women everywhere: once you’ve found prince charming you can give up food forever.
This is serious stuff. Kate Middleton is a model of modern femininity. She seems like a nice girl – although she’s an adult and 30 next January. She appears conscientious, dutiful and beautiful – and she is shrinking before our very eyes. Just as her late mother-in-law did before her wedding 30 years ago...."

So...exactly how tiny has Kate Middleton become?

We're not sure. The tabloids claim she stands 5' 11" like the late Princess Diana. But those who went to school with Kate, claim she is not as tall, maybe around 5' 8".

Some reports say that the princess-to-be was a size 6 up until a few months ago, and has quickly shrunk down to a size 2, which would be very thin for such a long frame.

Other British news articles, claim that Kate Middleton has been on the Dukan diet, which favors eliminating simple carbs like sugars and starches from your diet. Instead, you indulge in low-fat, protein-rich foods, with the promise that you can jump-start weight loss and maintain it for the rest of your life.

Yesterday, the princess-in-waiting did a little shopping in London to add a few more pieces to her honeymoon wardrobe.

We can't imagine the insane amount of pressure Kate Middleton must feel, as the eyes of the world await the wedding of the century. So, to the prying media, "Leave Kate alone!"

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