Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hats And More Hats To Invade Royal Wedding: How About A Fedora For You?

With the much-anticipated Royal Wedding just 2 days away now, we thought we'd talk about hats, and the fascination with fascinators, because just about every woman's head will be adorned for the global event.

Here in the states, well, we don't wear hats that often. Sure, some women do LOVE hats. And although we can't force you to don a hat, we can certainly try. Once the Royal Wedding takes place, you can bet that hats and even fascinators, will become the new hot summer trend.

So, here's Hats Off! to Kate and William.

UK women ADORE wearing hats. And the princess-to-be seems to have one for every time she hits the streets. And yes, Kate Middleton never seems to get hat hair. She looks beautiful with something on her brunette head, even wearing a fascinator.

Hmmm. Exactly what is a fascinator?

Well, it's a small, playful headpiece. It is usually fashioned with flowers, tulle, jewels, and most importantly, feathers. Oh yeah....whimsical feathers. And fascinators stay on with combs or clips.

For the Royal Wedding, Kate will probably be donning an heirloom tiara, but her inner circle and invited guests will be hat crazy for the huge event.

Why not get in the mood and put on a hat yourself? Barbara Walters got a red fedora for the huge event, but claims she probably won't be wearing it as she reports outside Westminster Abbey, the site of the royal nuptials.

Speaking of the fedora, it's a beloved hat here in our part of the world, and it's a classic that looks sexy and timeless on every gal. And we've found a great lace fedora that won't cost you more than $11!!

Check this one( photo2) out at BodyCentral. Lace fedora with contrast band. Imported poly/cotton. One size fits most. Cream/black (EC). 4469. $10.80. Very elegant, and super to wear at your Royal Wedding television party!

Even Kate Middleton loves a sexy fedora every once in a while.

We also tossed in a photo of screen legend Sophia Loren in this unforgettable pose. We remember it, because of the enormous, red hat!

Hats certainly bring attention to those who are under them. And we can't wait to see the British hat parade at Friday's Royal Wedding!