Monday, April 18, 2011

O.J. Prosecutor Marcia Clark Looks Younger Than Ever At 57

Who could forget Marcia Clark, the lead prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial?!

Let's turn the clock back.....that was 16 years ago. We were all glued to our TVs watching the trial of the century, and examining every movement made by the then 41-year-old Clark--- from her courtroom clothing to her makeup choices, and short, curly do.

This morning, Marica Clark made an appearance on Good Morning America to debut her new book, a murder mystery, "Guilt by Association" (Mulholland Books/Little, Brown; pub date April 20; $25.99). And we can't believe how young this woman looks. Amazing!

We would not know that the woman with the brunette sleek bob and high, full cheekbones were the same Marcia Clark during the 9-month O.J. Simpson trial. The new Marcia is now 57. Check out the BEFORE + AFTER photos. We were pretty blown away.

So---does that mean the retired L.A. prosecutor has had either a super plastic surgeon or excellent dermatologist??

We can't say for sure, but Marcia Clark is doing something right.

We suspect that the pretty attorney-turned author is receiving filler, meaning, cosmetic injections like Restylane or Juvederm. These fillers act like plumpers, adding nice fullness and contours to the facial features.

Was there any previous plastic surgery done? Who knows. It's possible. But meantime, she looks darn good. She was toying around with light blonde locks, about a year ago. We are happy to see her return to her natural , dark brunette hair. Her skin looks smooth and youthful.

It just goes to show, that women in their 50s and beyond, can maintain an ageless appearance. And Marcia Clark is proof of that. A little Botox and a few shots of filler CAN make a big difference.


Thalia Des said...

She DOES look so much better now. If is is fillers, they were done right. I know some plastc surgeon are also using your own fat (taken from belly) to plump up the face as well.

Anonymous said...

When M. Clark was in blonde hair last year, it didn't look good.But I think she does look really soft and pretty right now back to her brunett roots and the right kind of cosmetic things...maybe cheekbone implants?

sabina said...

Wow, that has got to be more than fillers and pre-TV facial peel, with a killer make up artist. She looks like she is 32, not 57.... Good for her, a little extra weight looks good on her too.

lizee7 said...

I agree with Sabina's more than fillers.I say a face lift and then fillers, botox, etc. In other words, the kitchen sink....LOL...but I think she looks so soft and young. Good for her!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I lost track of this chick---she looks so good. I don't care how she got there, it's all good. The eye area looks incredible. She has a very good surgeon or derm.

Anonymous said...

When i first saw her on t.v. i was like omg...she really looks so much better today than when the O.J. trial!!!

Anonymous said...

Was just watching HLN and Marsha was on there as a guest. I couldn't believe how great she looked! Had to get online and see why....LOL! Now I know.

Anonymous said...

Watching her on joy behar she looks like a different person and my friends that's lots of plastic surgery but the best ihave ever seen looks very natural

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


How would I go about finding out who did this total transfermation?

mike s said...

Was in the same high school homeroom with her. She looks now like she would have with natural age progression. She was beautiful in high school and is again!

rawfed said...

These are the things she would have neede to get to her look now:
A brow lift
Face lift
Tip rhinoplasty
Skin removed under her eyes
Fraxel or other laser skin resurfacing.

She looks amazing. A lot younger now than before. Before she was anorexic looking and skeletal, but now like a pretty business woman. Amazing surgeon! Cosmetic surgery at it's finest! This surgeon needs to teach the profession because rarely can a person get so much done and yet look this natural and fresh.

Anonymous said...

OMG she lookjs gorgeous...I'd bet she had full face lase3r as well as fsikler and implants....who is her surgeon...I'm going!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd bang her.