Monday, April 25, 2011

Not Wearing Sunscreen Daily? Then You're A Dodo!

Rain or shine......You should be using sun protection.

Remember: Sunscreen isn't just for the beach.

It isn't even summer yet, so why are we even discussing the benefits of wearing sunscreen?!

We caught an article at today's Huffington Post about malignant melanoma, and it was a scary read. It was written by NYC plastic surgeon Robert Tornambe, M.D..

Skin Cancer. Of all the kinds out there, it is the most common form of cancer. And take a look at these stats from Dr. Tornambe:

.."Melanoma is responsible for nearly all of the deaths from skin cancer. It is the most common form of cancer found in people 25 to 29 years old. According to the American Cancer Society, there were 68,000 new cases of melanoma reported and 8700 deaths in 2009. Experts expect to diagnose more than 100,000 new cases this year.".

How do we develop melanoma?

"The primary culprit causing melanoma is UV light from the sun or tanning beds," he explains. "Research shows indoor tanning increases a person's melanoma risk by 75 percent! Anyone can get melanoma, but there is a higher incidence in people with fair skin, sun-sensitive skin (tends to burn rather than tan) and a family history of the disease. Five or more sunburns during your lifetime double your risk of developing skin cancer. 80 percent of lifetime sun damage occurs during childhood."

The best defense----sunscreen. And we LOVE this scientifically advanced product----Sunforgettable by Colorscience.

Sunforgettable is a really unique beauty product. It's a mineral-based powder sunscreen. The ingredients contain immediate 8 hour, waterproof protection. And it's a powder base. No more greasies.
And it comes in 3 shades: Perfectly Clear. All Clear. Almost Clear. Application is easy, too. You can put it on with a brush applicator, a roll-on, or a shaker.

By the way, If you wear a liquid foundation, then apply Sunforgettable ON TOP of your foundation. If you only use powder for your makeup, then Sunforgettable should go first.

We found some Sunforgettable here at for $49.50. And the product is pretty amazing if fair-skinned actresses Cameron Diaz and Anne Heche swear by Sunforgettable.

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thank-you for this excellent article. i've been looking for a effective sunscreen that isn't greasy and causes break-outs! this one looks promising.